Add Multiple WordPress Sites in One VM Using Bitnami Stack – Microsoft Azure

You have extra space in your VM, you want two or more blogs and you wonder if you could use existing VM to install another WordPress module, well, that’s possible. Here is a step by step guide to installing two WordPress instances in a single VM.

This procedure is to install separate module of WordPress unlike WordPress Multisite.

Connect to your Virtual Machine

On the very first you need to connect to your Virtual Machine either using Git, PuTTY or whatever you’re comfortable with. You can do that through RDP, but here in my guide you won’t be needing that.


Currently, only highlighted website is installed on current VM.

Download LAMP Application Module

Now, you need to download WordPress LAMP Application module from by Bitnami. Copy the donwload link to your clipboard and write this command in Terminal

wget "lamp_module_download_link"

and execute this command. After the completion of download, copy the downloaded file name, you’ll need that later.


Install LAMP Application Module

After downloading, install LAMP module by writing following command,

~$ chmod a+x downloaded_filename

~$ ./ --wordpress_instance_name new_blog_name

now execute the command.

Note: Do all these process in Super User mood, otherwise you’ll be needing to change permissions of installation directory.


Complete WordPress Installation Steps

You need to go through the installation steps of WordPress module

  1. Select language
  2. Choose installation folder of Bitnami (i.e home/user/stack)
  3. Create Admin account
  4. Enter defauld MySQL password (By default it will be “bitnami”)
  5. Configure Email
  6. Enter Blog’s name

Let the installation begin.


After completion, head towards browser and access now WordPress instance as http://YOURDOMAIN/new_instance_name

Now, DNS doesn’t provide domain pointing to subdirectory as in case you’ll be needing that.

You may also want to see how to point domain to subdirectory. 


Sorry for long post, here is potato strip.


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