Connect to Virtual Machine in Azure using Git Bash

There are multiple ways to connect to VM resides in Azure cloud, you can connect through RDP (Remote Desktop Protocal), but why to install Desktop in Linux machine and creating a RDP connection when you have just have to work in Terminal?

To work with commands only you can use many SSH clients like PuTTY, KiTTY, Xshell 5 and Git Bash etc, in this tutorial I’ll be using Git Bash, go ahead and install – if you haven’t already – I’ll wait here.

For a connection, you need three things from Azure portal

  1. VM’s DNS Label
  2. Username (created during VM creation)
  3. Password (of that user)

Now open Git Bash and enter ssh connection command – ssh username@DNSLabel – now enter user’s password, you’ll connected to VM.



Got questions? Feel free to ask ’em in comments.

Ahmed Khateeb

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