Important Things To Do After Fresh Installation Of WordPress Bitnami Stack

1. Change WordPress Username and Password

By default Username will be “user” and Password will be “bitnami”, you have to change that.

First using default username and password you’ll be redirected to WordPress Dashboard then go to users > add new and enter the information about new user – keeping in mind, role should be administrator.

After creating new user, delete the old default user.

2. Change MySQL Password

By default, root password of your MySQL database will be “bitnami” you need to change that. First, connect to your VM and run this command “stack/mysql/bin/mysqladmin -p -u root password <New Password>”. You don’t need to change wp-config.php file, Bitnami will take care of it.

3. Remove Bitnami Badge

When you install WordPress on Azure using Bitnami Cloud Image, you’ll see the  Bitnami badge on your WordPress site.


To remove this badge, first, connect to your VM using Git Bash, after authentication run this command “sudo /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/bnconfig –disable_banner 1”.


Refresh your site, badge will be gone.


Got questions? Feel free to ask them in comments.

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